the authoritative voice of the EMEA market


Criteria for Membership

There are two types of LMA membership: Full and Associate. Full members must be financial institutions and are likely to be loan arrangers, traders and other active participants in the loan market. Associate members are likely to be law firms, rating agencies, accountancy firms, smaller financial institutions and other professionals with an interest in the market. Membership is not open to individuals.

Membership Categories, Subscription Fees and Benefits

Membership runs every year from 1 January to 31 December and the full year's subscription fee must be paid whenever an institution joins.


£12,500 pa + VAT (if applicable*)

Full membership benefits:

  • Eligibility for Board membership.
  • Voting rights at the AGM.
  • The option to nominate an Alternate Representative.
  • Higher allocation of places at the annual Syndicated Loans Conference in London.

As well as access to all LMA information, resources and events, and the opportunity to apply to join appropriate committees.


With UK office - Legal Firm
£8,600 pa + VAT (if applicable*)

With UK office - Other
£7,700 pa + VAT (if applicable*)

Without UK office
£6,000 pa

Associate - African Single Jurisdiction
£2,000 pa

Associate membership benefits:

The first three categories of Associate membership can access all LMA documentation and guidelines, education and training events, webinars, legal and regulatory updates, submissions, newsletters, and may apply to join appropriate committees.

Associate - African Single Jurisdiction members can only access all African local law documents, all African based training events, and selected LMA notes, guidelines and webinars.

* Please note, UK VAT will apply to institutions where the Nominated Representative is located in the UK.