Detailed below is the onboarding process for LMA members to LMA.Automate. Our aim is to provide helpful information at each stage of the process to guide members in their decision making and testing of the platform, but also to ensure the process is reasonably speedy and streamlined to reduce unwanted delays.


Onboarding Explained


Our onboarding process begins with an LMA.Automate demo provided by our team at the LMA and an expert from Avvoka, the software powering the platform. This allows interested firms to have a live demonstration of LMA.Automate in action, to see its features and functionalities and to ask questions about the platform. We usually find that firms get the most out of the demo if they ensure that a mix of banking and finance partners, PSLs or knowledge lawyers are in attendance, as well as any members of the firm’s IT/compliance team who may have questions about the platform from an information security perspective.


Registration Pack, Terms and Conditions and the Target First Access Date

After the demo, we will send you our LMA.Automate Registration Pack which contains all the relevant documentation that needs to be reviewed and completed before proceeding to the one-month free trial. This Registration Pack consists of the following documents:

  • Subscriber Terms and Conditions;
  • End User Terms and Conditions;
  • Pricing information;
  • Preliminary Subscriber Account Information;
  • Information Security Package, containing the Onboarding pack, Information Security Compliance FAQs and Information Security Summary.

We provide a comprehensive information security package to assist with the onboarding process. This pack, which sets out all of the information required by law firms and financial institutions to satisfy their information security and other compliance requirements, is provided as a standardised form of alternative to answering individual firm’s onboarding/IT questionnaires. This has been done to enable us to provide the product at such a competitive price point when compared to other providers in the market.

Once an interested firm has navigated their internal approvals and IT security review and decided that they would like to proceed with the free trial, they will submit their completed LMA.Automate Subscriber Terms and Conditions outlining their Trial First Access Date (the date on which they would like to commence the free trial). We are happy to discuss trial planning at any time.

Knowledge sharing and pre-trial session

Prior to the trial commencing, we like to organise a knowledge sharing and pre-trial session a day or two before the Target First Access Date to provide triallists with a refresher of the platform, an opportunity to ask any further questions ahead of the trial and to ensure subscribers can have as productive a trial as possible.

Mid-trial review

We also find that firms trialling the platform benefit significantly from a mid-trial review. This allows us to answer any further questions that users may have since having had the opportunity to explore the platform, as well as provide training on the more complex functionalities of the platform for those users wanting to explore the platform even further during their trial period.

Post-trial feedback session and subscription or notice

After your trial ends, we can organise a feedback session to explore your team’s use of the platform. We are always very interested in feedback from users so we can best understand what worked well, help with specific use cases and cover any other input from your team.

Whilst all firms trialling the platform have the option to give notice to terminate their subscription before the end of the free trial, we have found subscribers find the platform highly beneficial and tend to remain on the platform as paying subscribers.

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