Promoting market efficiency has always been one of the key objectives of the Loan Market Association and one we are increasingly looking to achieve via our education initiatives. As part of this, we have created a series of e-learning programmes, aimed at creating a knowledge benchmark for practitioners in the syndicated loan market - a benchmark that we believe will be key to drive efficiencies going forward.


To enrol on the course all delegates need to subscribe on the LMA e-learning website - you are not automatically subscribed to the e-learning website by virtue of being subscribed to the LMA website. Click here to enrol and login.

Delegates should use the same email address that is used to login to the LMA website - if they are not identical then the system may prevent you, without warning, from accessing the e-learning content. Having logged in, in order to access any of the course delegates must click on the 'hat' icon to self-enrol.


Delegates have six months, from the date of registration, to complete any courses they have enrolled in.


ESG & Sustainable Lending

This course is comprised of 3 modules and aims to provide an overview of key ESG themes as well as to introduce some of the innovative sustainable finance products that have emerged in recent years.

Understanding the Loan Market

This course is comprised of 10 modules and aims to provide loan practitioners with an overview of the syndicated loan market, an introduction to loan documentation and key operational processes.

Upon the completion of all 10 modules you will receive a certificate that will be automatically available for download.


This course comprises a stand-a-lone module, which provides an introduction to Schuldscheindarlehen as a product. This module looks at the main characteristics of Schuldscheindarlehen, the parties involved and the timeline to market.

Closing a Primary Syndication

This module seeks to explore some of the key challenges facing agents during the closing of a syndicated lending transaction and the primary syndication process.


Please click here to read a list of FAQs if you have any queries about the e-learning course.

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