Celebrating 25 Years
in the Loan Market

November 2021 marks our 25th anniversary. In recognition of this event, we have published our sixth book, "The LMA: 25 Years in the Loan Market", which looks back on the last two and a half decades of the syndicated loan market, analysing its evolution over that time period.

For many readers of this book, the 25 years covered will read like a journey through their careers. For others, who are newer to the loan market, it will help them put into context how we are where we are now. Wherever your starting point, there is no doubt you will benefit from reading this book if you have any interest in the syndicated loan market.

The breadth of the book mirrors the market it covers. With new and updated chapters from the LMA's 20th anniversary book, it retains all of the educational market, product, documentation, legal and regulatory analysis, but now also includes topics which have come to the fore in the last five years, not least of which are benchmark reform, fintech and ESG.

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Celebrating 25 years in the Loan Market
Leading the Way

Adapting for the future

The role of the LMA has been, and will remain, central to the evolution of a product that contributes so much to the economy and that so many rely on. Like the loan market, the LMA has adapted and grown, leading the way

"We are delighted to have added another book to the expanding LMA library, this one published at a time of considerable change, not only as we weather the impact of external events such as Covid-19 and climate change, but also the abolition of LIBOR and the transition of the market to risk free rates. We hope that this book will provide a valuable reference guide for all those active in the syndicated loan market, particularly those who are new to the industry who would like to gain a greater understanding of how the product works across different sectors and geographies."

Book Sections

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History of the LMA and the
Syndicated Loan Market

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Market Analysis -
Past, Present and Future

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Loan Documentation and
its Evolution

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Loan Market Stakeholders

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Operations and Infrastructure

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Risk Mitigation and
Lender Assistance

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Regulation, Tax, Insolvency
and Restructuring

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The Future

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