LMA IT Support FAQs

Check that your organisation is a member of the LMA

You can view a list of all our members at https://www.lma.eu.com/membership/list-members. If your organisation is listed, then you should be able to register and/or login to the website

Check you are using the right username

This will be the email address that you used when you registered.

Login Attempt Limit

If you have provided incorrect login details 4 times in one day then you will be temporarily locked out of your LMA account until the following day. In this case, you need to reset your password using the forgotten password function, or try to login again the following day.

Forgotten Password

You can reset your password by going to https://www.lma.eu.com/forgot_password and entering your work email address that you registered with.

This application is only for users of the members' area of the LMA website who are already registered. By entering your work email address and clicking the Send button, you will be emailed a link from donotreply@lma.eu.com to reset your password within a matter of moments. If you do not get the password reset email, please check your spam folder or speak to your IT department.

If you forget your password and try to re-register, the website will automatically prevent this and instead direct you to the forgotten password facility.

You should then create a new password by following the link we send you, see rules on this below.

Creating a new password

While entering a new password during registration or via the forgotten password link that we will email to you, it must be at least 8 characters and contain at least one number and one capital letter. The only special characters that we accept are ! @ # $ % ^ & *

To confirm your password changes, you will need to click on the Change button rather than hitting the enter on your keyboard. If the new password you enter matches your current password you will not be able to log in and will have to repeat the forgotten password process again.

Non-English keyboards

If you have your computer language set to English but have a foreign language keyword or vice versa then a character may not be compatible with our password rules (see Forgotten Password section) when creating or resetting your password.

An example of this would be if your computer language is set to English (US) but you are typing on a German keyboard. Typing # on your German keyboard will result in a \ character being typed on your English (US) computer. This would subsequently be rejected according to our password rules.

The password field will hide the characters in your password, so you may not be aware that your computer is typing invalid characters.

You can check your computer's set language in your computer settings.

Is anyone else in your organisation having issues when logging in?

If you have been able to login before, but now you can’t, check that other people in your organisation are able to login.

If other people can login, please check your username and/or password. If you are still unable to login, please try using a different browser or you may have to clear your browser cache.

If no one at your organisation can login and your organisation is a member of the LMA, it could be that your browser is a managed browser, and something has changed without you knowing.

To confirm this, you could try logging in via your mobile device (using mobile data), or another computer that is not managed by your company. If you are able to login using your mobile or another computer, it is likely that something has changed with your managed browser. In which case you should inform your IT department

Clearing your browser cache

You can find a guide on how to clear your cache at https://www.refreshyourcache.com/en/home/*

Follow the instructions for your type of browser and browser version.

How do I find out my browser version?

Visit https://www.whatismybrowser.com/* from the browser that you are having issues with. You will see the browser type and version at the top of the screen. See below.

If we ask you to send us your browser type and version, you can send us this by using copy to clipboard. Address it to Member Browser Support and send it to lma@lma.eu.com.

What is a managed browser and how do I find out if I am using one?

On occasion we have found that organisations who use a managed browser (i.e. all browsers are managed by a central point...including Chrome, IE and Firefox) are sometimes upgraded or security levels are changed, and this can inhibit people from being able to login to the LMA website.

How can I check if I am using a managed browser?

If you use Chrome, follow the instructions here*

If you use Edge, you can verify if Edge is managed by opening the menu, and if your browser is managed, “Managed by your organization” is shown at the end of the menu.

If you use Firefox, type “about:preferences” into the URL bar. This will show your settings. You will be able to see the message “Your browser is being managed by your organisation”. See below

Still can’t login

If you have tried all of the above, including contacting your IT department if you are using a managed browser, and you are still having issues, please follow the instructions at How do I find out my browser version? and send this along with your full name, email address you use to login and your organisation to lma@lma.eu.com.

If you can record a screen capture video of the issue you are having this will help our support team identify your specific issue.

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