Key Benefits

There are many recognised benefits from automating the end-to-end process of the production of loan documents and these benefits apply to a wide range of potential users, whether banks or law firms, smaller or larger organisations and across sectors and geographies.

LMA.Automate has been designed specifically to capture these benefits. 


Improved Efficiency

  • Significantly reduces the time taken to generate all forms of loan documentation
  • Improves quality, productivity & reduces errors by automating repetitive work
  • Greatly assists in eliminating inaccurate & non-compliant content and promoting best practice
  • Benefit of widespread standardisation & template version control
  • Collaborative working – deal teams access one version
  • Centralised updating of templates/changes (e.g. LIBOR transition)

Enhanced Capability

  • Facilitates the production of loan facility documentation (including security documentation) but also 'bank prepared' documents
    • Term Sheets & Mandate Letters
    • Confidentiality Undertakings (whether for trading or otherwise)
  • System fully adapted to accommodate bespoke 'house style' requirements & documentation
  • Potential for cost savings from use of automation
  • Potential origination benefit in negotiating term sheet/mandate docs (potential to allow client access to LMA.Automate)

Secure Control

  • Secure environment with user access/permissions strictly controlled
    • Control hierarchy can be defined
  • Separate dedicated area for each institution on the site
  • Ring-fenced, restricted access for confidential transactions
  • Standardisation & template approval/version control
  • Potential compliance benefit

Intuitive User Experience

  • User-friendly & fully intuitive tool
  • Comprehensive suite of training materials; easy to learn & adapt; no programming knowledge required
  • Quick progression to creating 'bespoke' additional automation capability & content
  • Platform for enhanced collaboration across teams internally
  • Potential for collaboration with peers/clients & for negotiation/e-signing
  • Flexible technology

Data Analytics

  • Technology to support the loan market will increasingly be data driven
  • LMA.Automate will allow inputs to be captured as structured data allowing comprehensive analytics & data reporting
    • Inventory of key terms & templates on the platform
    • Real-time analysis on terms (e.g. financial covenants)
  • Significant enhancement to future change processes (e.g. regulatory changes impacting templates)
  • Potential future benefits from structured data (internal purposes/development of tools/AI)

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