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01. Which LMA templates have been automated?

The following LMA template documents are available on the platform:

  • Bilateral Facility Agreement;
  • Confidentiality Undertakings;
  • Investment Grade (IG) Term Sheet;
  • Mandate Letter;
  • Corporate Lending Facility Agreement – now incorporating Term SOFR;
  • Real Estate Finance (REF) Facility Agreement;
  • REF Term Sheet;
  • REF Security Agreement;
  • Secondary Trade Confirmations

Further development of the automated documentation suite, in accordance with Subscriber demand, is an ongoing process.

Internal Collaboration

The ability to add users from within a subscriber organisation to work on their ‘side’ of the document.

A tool allowing users to make track changes, comments, mentions and to assign tasks on documents generated from LMA automated templates.

Marked as “internal” so that they are invisible to an external counterparty.


External Negotiation

Adding users to a document from a counterparty outside the subscriber organisation (e.g. borrower).

Track changes, comments, mentions and tasks marked as “external” are visible to the counterparty.

The ability to “pass the pen”, whereby only one party has rights to amend the document at any one time.

Service provided directly to institutions by the LMA, the leading industry body for the EMEA syndicated loan market.

Cost efficiencies to be gained by virtue of the fact that the platform will be made available by the LMA to a large number of institutions/users (economies of scale).

Legal thought behind automation process provided by experienced magic circle law firm with two decades of documentation automation expertise.

Solution specifically created with the needs of the market in mind: intuitive and easy to use, LMA.Automate benefits from comprehensive user testing by a range of syndicated loan market participants, including financial institutions and law firms.

Simple, user friendly and flexible automation with no knowledge of computer programming required to enable institutions to undertake bespoke additional automation if they wish to do so, beyond that offered by each base LMA template.

Solution capable of converting documents into structured data, to facilitate reporting and data analytics.

Solution enables multiple users to collaborate on the same document, subject to the relevant permissions being activated. Permissions are flexible and set up by the institution directly.

Solution enables negotiation with a counterparty through external edits and the ability to “pass the pen”.

Detailed onboarding documentation (including an onboarding pack, an Information Security Summary, and Compliance Requirements FAQs) will be provided to institutions to facilitate satisfaction of internal IT, security, business continuity, GDPR and other general compliance requirements.

All data held on the platform will be treated as confidential and encrypted with bank-grade technology.

Encryption key will be held by an independent verified third-party provider, on behalf of the LMA.

Although accessed via a secure portal, each institution will have access to a separate dedicated area of the site. All transaction information will be ringfenced, not only between individual institutions, but also between different teams/users if required.

The platform will be capable of enabling different permission/access levels for different types of users in accordance with each organisation’s preferences.

Appropriate access/editing rights can be created to observe the need for Chinese walls.

Different bands of managerial rights available for users.

Intuitive platform navigation with comprehensive support provided via online resources, articles, user videos, chat and user guide.

Provision of webinar demonstrations.

24/7 monitoring of system to ensure system continuity provided by A&O.

Flexible billing system designed to enable simple payment and management of user numbers.

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