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Documents & Guidelines

The LMA endeavours to keep its documentation under constant review to ensure that it continues to meet the aims and needs of the primary and secondary loan markets. The production of recommended documentation remains one of our most important activities.

Our documentation is produced after extensive consultation with leading loan practitioners and law firms so as to represent an agreed common view of documentation structures. Standardisation of the "boiler plate" areas of the documents allows lenders and borrowers to focus on the more important commercial aspects of individual transactions.

LMA's German Law Multicurrency Term and Revolving Facility Agreement

A new version of the LMA's German Law Multicurrency Term and Revolving Facility Agreement has been uploaded to our website today. In paragraph (b) of the definition of "FATCA Application Date", the word "or" was missing and this typo has now been corrected.

LMA produces a Mezzanine mark-up of a Senior Facility Agreement for use on REF investment transactions

The LMA has produced a mezzanine mark-up of a senior facility agreement, for use on REF investment transactions which anticipate both a senior and mezzanine loan being advanced.

LMA announces publication of new Schuldschein Loan Agreements and User Guide

The Schuldschein Documentation was put together by an experienced working party, consisting of representatives from the Verband Deutscher Treasurer (Association of German Treasurers), domestic German and international banks (including in-house lawyers) and major law firms active in the Schuldschein market.

Update to LMA's EU Bail-In Legislation Schedule

The LMA has updated its EU Bail-In Legislation Schedule to reflect the enacting legislation that has recently come into effect in both Norway and Liechtenstein.

Guidance note: United States and European Union sanctions

The LMA has updated its note entitled "Guidance note: United States and European Union sanctions" which was originally published in July 2014, to reflect the increased relevance of EU blocking legislation following the reinstatement of US sanctions against Iran. The note also references the fact that whilst the LMA does not produce recommended form sanctions provisions for its template documentation, its recommended forms of facility documentation for developing markets transactions do include optional sanctions related definitions which members may find useful.

LMA publishes updated version of revised Replacement of Screen Rate clause

The LMA has published an updated version of its "Revised Replacement of Screen Rate Clause". This update takes into account the publication of the Clause by the Sterling Risk Free Rate Working Group, along with the correction of some minor typographical errors.