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PRESS RELEASE: LMA releases results of its German Loan Market Survey

As part of the run up to the LMA's Seminar being held in Frankfurt in July, we surveyed our membership on the opportunities and challenges facing this market. The results were collected anonymously and represent the personal views of professionals actively working in the German syndicated loan market. The survey covers predictions for overall loan market growth, M&A activity, and Schuldschein issuance both domestic and internationally

PRESS RELEASE: LMA looks to bolster integrity of the sustainability-linked loan product

The sustainability-linked loan (SLL) product is ideally placed to provide a meaningful contribution to financing the transition to net-zero. The SLL, with its flexible, cross-sector framework, has seen a meteoric rise in terms of loan volume and issuance over the past few years. As the success of the SLL continues to grow, it is more important than ever that the market remains vigilant against the erosion of the core components of the Sustainability-linked Loan Principles. The integrity of the SLL must be protected. To aid with this, the LMA has released a series of three articles, addressing issues regarding the setting of key performance indicators (KPIs) and sustainability performance targets (SPTs) as well as focusing on the issue of timing.

PRESS RELEASE: LMA releases results of its Developing Markets Survey

As part of the run up to our Developing Markets Conference, we surveyed our membership on the opportunities and challenges facing increasingly active developing market jurisdictions. The survey covered questions pertinent to all developing market jurisdictions and then specific questions for Africa and MENA. The survey aimed to determine where the key investment opportunities and challenges lie, which sectors are most likely to drive future growth and which factors will be most important in developing the loan market within these jurisdictions.