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LMA announces launch of new e-learning series providing an introduction to ESG issues and sustainable finance products

The LMA is pleased to announce the launch of the first in a series of three new e-learning modules, which will form part of its wider e-learning programme aimed at developing knowledge for practitioners in the syndicated loan market. With the ever-increasing focus on ESG issues in the market, these three new e-learning modules aim to provide an overview of key ESG themes as well as to introduce some of the innovative sustainable

finance products that have emerged in recent years.

New Guide: Inhibitors to Liquidity in the Loan Market

The Guide was developed in collaboration with the LMA's Institutional Investor Committee. It addresses key issues which have the potential to impact liquidity in the loan market. The Guide focuses primarily on those issues prevalent in the leveraged loan market including, among other things, potential frustrations and delays in relation to Know Your Customer obligations, utilisation and interest periods, minimum holds, minimum transfer amounts, white lists and consent language, as well as around confidentiality and amendments to LMA templates.

Press Release: Launch of LMA.Automate, a document automation platform for syndicated loan templates

LMA.Automate, a wholly owned subsidiary of the LMA, has launched a platform in respect of the automation of certain LMA recommended form documents, as well as other ancillary services. The platform aims to offer an end-to-end solution with a focus on the automation of LMA template documents, but with the functionality to cater for the entire document lifecycle, including negotiation and collaboration, documentation execution and comprehensive data extraction and reporting.