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Under Bookable Events, you will see a listing of all our onsite events for 2023. Registration for onsite events opens typically about 6 weeks prior.  We are hoping to return in 2023 to a full calendar of events, across the EMEA region, as we used to run prior to the pandemic. The majority of events for H1 2023 are now confirmed. H2 2023 is still being finalised and as venues are booked the events will be added to the calendar. 

Sustainable Finance Conference

On 9 November, we will be holding our second Sustainable Finance Conference for LMA members in London.

Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions is often seen as the poster child of the sustainability movement. However, sustainability covers so much more. At this year’s conference, we shall widen the discussion, highlighting those initiatives for which sustainable finance is imperative yet do not receive the airtime they deserve.

The conference will be held in London, but also streamed live at the same time to our members around the world who are not able to travel.

LMA Syndicated Loans Conference 2023

On 26 September, we will be holding our 15th annual conference for LMA members in London.

The conference will be hybrid, combining the benefits of an onsite physical event, with all the networking opportunities this delivers, with that of a virtual event and the ability to reach a much larger global audience. The conference will be held in London at the QEII Conference Centre, but also streamed live at the same time to our members around the world who are not able to travel.

Our annual conference provides the perfect opportunity to discuss the challenges impacting the loans market and identify, together, possible solutions and the best way to move forward.

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