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LMA.Automate: unleashing the power of automation

document automation - unleashing the power of automation

LMA.Automate: Your Questions Answered

Why LMA.Automate?

Why has the LMA developed a document automation platform? • Why partner with Allen & Overy and Avvoka? • What is the LMA's role in encouraging the digitisation of loans? • What is in the pipeline for 2023?


Why do you think this platform is different from other document automation services?


How easy is it to create a first draft of a document on the platform? • How much time do you think someone could save? • What if I change my mind about what I want the document to say, after I have already created it?


Is it possible to customize templates? • How easy is it to self-automate templates/how does it work? • What about house styles: every law firm has its own, so is it possible to convert a template on the platform from LMA style to another house style?


How does collaboration work? • Who can you collaborate with? • Who decides which changes to ultimately make to a document?


Who can you negotiate with and do they need a subscription to the service? • How does negotiation work? • Who holds the pen on the document when negotiating?

Data Analytics

What data does the platform capture? • What are the benefits of being able to capture that data /what can I do with it? • What if I want to capture more/different data?

Use Cases

I am a lawyer in a law firm that is not advanced in document automation, how can LMA.Automate help me? • I am a lawyer in private practice and my firm already uses another document automation service. How does this platform differ from other document automation platforms and why would it help me save more time? • I am an in-house lawyer, so I don’t draft syndicated loan agreements anymore. Presumably the platform is just for my external legal counsel? • I am a lender. Given this is a document automation platform, presumably it is just for my lawyers?

Bilateral Facility Agreement

Who is the bilateral facility agreement intended to be used by? • What are the benefits of a bilateral facility agreement via LMA.Automate? • How could the template be customised to benefit a user even further? • Why has LMA.Automate produced this document now and why is there no equivalent in the LMA suite of documents?

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