Legal & Regulatory

Regulatory changes often have unintended consequences, so we have a vital role in mitigating any possible negative impacts on the loan product, whether generally, or in relation to specific sectors such as leveraged, real estate or commodity finance.

Whilst we have made significant progress in addressing the adverse effects of regulation for our members, undoubtedly, changes in the regulatory and general legislative landscape will continue, not least arising from the regulatory response to Covid-19, as well as potential opportunities to bring about positive change.



Developments in Ukraine: The Latest Global Sanctions and Export Controls

This briefing by Clifford Chance examines the most recent worldwide sanctions and export controls imposed on Russian nationals and organisations by the US, EU, UK, Poland, Japan, Singapore, Australia, and Ukraine. It also considers the responsive measures taken by Russia. The sanctions and responsive measures discussed are those as of 6pm GMT, 23 May 2023.

Pinsent Masons considers Scotland's planned changes to its law on moveable transactions

In this briefing, Pinsent Masons consider planned changes to Scots law on moveable transactions, which will bring considerable change in how security is taken over certain assets in Scotland and will impact both lenders and borrowers.

Transition Finance: New Opportunities and Challenges for Financial Institutions

In this briefing, Baker McKenzie consider the growing emergence of Transition Finance products, highlighting how these alternative products can aid the transition of hard-to-abate sectors, the risks and opportunities surrounding these products, as well as the imperative that borrowers ensure they have a credible, net zero, transition plan. 

The European Critical Raw Materials Act

In this briefing, Clifford Chance consider the European Commission's proposed Critical Raw Materials Act and how this legislation might protect EU member states' supply chains in the transition to net zero.