Real Estate Finance

Our aim in the REF sector is fivefold:

  1. to bring about increased efficiencies and standardisation in the European REF market via the publication of recommended forms of REF documentation;
  2. to highlight the legal and regulatory issues in the REF sector which have the potential to impact members working in this market;
  3. to discuss any challenges (legal or otherwise) affecting the REF market and to lobby key decision-makers, where necessary, in an attempt to bring about constructive change;
  4. to provide a series of dedicated events specifically aimed at participants working in the REF market, to assist them in furthering their knowledge of the sector generally and also in understanding our real estate documentation; and
  5. to consider ways to improve liquidity and facilitate investment in the REF sector, by encouraging new investors to the market.

Latest News

New REF Security Documents (1 July 2020)

We have launched two new security agreements intended for use on real estate finance transactions (the "New REF Security Documents"), as well as consequential changes to the LMA REF facility agreements.

Webinar: REF Market Overview

This panel session led by John Coburn of Allen & Overy explores some of the latest market trends within the real estate finance market, including the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic and the increasing focus on sustainability within the market. The panel includes Arron Taggart, Head of UK Investment at Cheyne Capital Management (UK) LLP, Dr Ralf Verwiebe, Vice President at Helaba and Sharon Quinlan, Head of Corporate Real Estate at HSBC UK Plc.



REF Documents

Access to LMA REF Documentation


The Real Estate Loan Book

An easily readable coverage of many of the issues to be considered in real estate finance, from tax, to security, to sustainability.


REF Quarterly Bulletins

Upcoming events; documentation updates; and latest legal & regulatory news, briefings and submissions to regulators.