Way Forward

The LMA launched LMA.Automate on 21 June 2021. The service is available to existing LMA Members, initially for a one-month free trial period and thereafter on a competitive annual subscription based on the number of users.

The initial suite of documents included:

  • Full automation of all LMA confidentiality agreements;
  • Full automation of mandate letter and investment grade term sheet;
  • Full automation of the real estate finance (REF) term sheets;
  • Full automation of the REF facility agreements; and
  • Full automation of the REF security agreements

  • LMA.Automate was pleased to announce the addition of a corporate lending facility agreement in October 2021. This corporate lending template is based on the current LMA IG facility documentation (reflecting the transition from LIBOR to RFRs) but introduces more optionality thereby facilitating a broader set of corporate lending scenarios.

    It is the intention to automate further LMA templates over time as well as enhance the functionality of the platform.