Document Automation – LMA.Automate

In line with its long-standing commitment to improving the efficiency of the loan market, encouraging the adoption of beneficial technology and supporting its Members, the LMA is delighted to introduce further details about its forthcoming document automation service – LMA.Automate.

LMA.Automate will be a secure, cloud-based subscription service that will provide users with an end to end platform with a focus on the automation of LMA template documents but with the functionality to cater for the entire document drafting lifecycle.

Initially established as a document automation service, the platform will have the functionality to extend over time to an on-platform negotiation and execution tool. We understand there is strong demand for document automation and recognition of the key benefits for a diverse range of LMA Members.

The LMA plans to launch LMA.Automate in mid-2021 and is delighted to share further details with interested Members.

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