Green Loan Principles (GLP)

The GLP apply to loans where the fundamental determinant is the utilisation of the loan proceeds for Green Projects.

Sustainability Linked-Loan Principles (SLLP)

Sustainability-linked loans aim to incentivise the borrower’s achievement of ambitious, predetermined sustainability performance objectives

Social Loan Principles (SLP)

The SLP aim to create a high-level framework of market standards and guidelines, providing a consistent methodology for use across the social loan market.

Glossary of Terms

Our sustainable lending glossary will aid transparency of terms in this rapidly evolving area of the market.

Getting Started in Sustainable Finance

This introductory guide describes the background to the emergence of sustainable lending, the global commitments driving the sustainability agenda, the range of products on offer and further resources on hand to help.

Sustainable Finance for Social Housing

This article explores the potential benefits of the use of green, social, and sustainability-linked loans in the social housing sector, and focusses on some of the related challenges and opportunities for market participants.

Sustainable Finance in the Mid-market

This article explores the use of sustainable finance products in the mid-market.

Financing Sustainability in Shipping

This article explores how the SLL product can be, and already is being, used in the context of shipping financing transactions.

KPI Selection: A Matter of Materiality

This article sets out how parties can ensure that the KPIs selected are able to withstand the scrutiny of the syndicate, market and press.

It's a Matter of Time

This article explores how the timeline for a transaction will inevitably be impacted when seeking to introduce a sustainability element to the deal.

Fear of Failure: Frustrating Ambition

This article examines whether the fear of failing to hit SPTs may be stifling parties from setting the right level of ambition in the SLL market.

Financing a Sustainable Future for Aviation

This article explores how the SLL product can be, and already is being, used in the context of aviation financing transactions.