Transition from LIBOR in the Loan Market – LMA Webinar Update

Transition from LIBOR in the Loan Market – LMA Webinar Update
Thursday, 23 January 2020
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2020 will be a critical year for the loan market in its transition from LIBOR. The market continues to be in focus on this topic and needs to deliver solutions. All loan market participants will need to take action and help support the transition. Whilst progress has and is being made, this needs to accelerate in early 2020 and each market participant can play their part.

This interactive webinar, hosted by Clare Dawson, Kam Mahil and Keith Taylor, is intended to drive engagement on this important topic, identify practical actions and, in particular, discusses:

  • Where are we now on transitioning from LIBOR?
  • Current 'loan market' transition issues
  • What should loan market participants be doing?

The initial presentation lasts 45 mins following which there is a recording of a "live Q&A" format which was part of an interactive session.

NOTE: This Webinar is not open to the Press. The Webinar is for information purposes only and under no circumstances may speakers be quoted.

This webinar lasts approximately 83 mins and is available in English.

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