E-learning FAQs

Access Queries

I can't access the e-learning website with my LMA website login details, what do I do?
To enrol on the course all delegates need to subscribe on the LMA e-learning website – you are not automatically subscribed to the e-learning website by virtue of being subscribed to the LMA website.

I have not been sent a registration confirmation email, what do I do?
If you have not received a confirmation email within one hour of registering on the e-learning website, please contact the LMA and we will process this manually for you.

My institution is not a member of the LMA, but can I pay to access the e-learning courses?
No, these courses are only available for LMA members. To enquire about LMA membership please visit www.lma.eu.com/membership.

An e-learning module is not loading on my browser, what should I do?
The e-learning website and content has been thoroughly tested on Internet Explorer 11, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and the latest iOS software for iPads. Please make sure you are using an up to date version of one of these browsers before contacting us for support.
Also, you should ensure that any pop-up and plug-in blockers have been disabled on your browser for the content to display properly.

Content Queries

How is the content delivered?
The content is delivered through written materials, presented on screen. This is made as interactive as possible to present the material in the most effective format.
There are no lectures or web seminars planned for any of the e-learning courses, therefore audio functionality is not required.

What happens once I have finished a module?
Once you have completed the assessment for each module you will have the opportunity (depending on the course) to download a PDF summary document which describes the key points from the module. You are not able to re-access a module following completion of the assessment, so please ensure to print off the key takeaway notes provided.

Does each module involve an exam/assessment?
Yes, there is an assessment at the end of each e-learning module which allows participants to evaluate how well they have understood the content of that module.
The score of the assessment does not prevent participation if there is any future modules.

How does the assessment work?
At the end of each module there is a short multiple choice assessment, which can be attempted once and the score achieved cannot be improved upon. We believe this is the best way to ensure participants get the most benefit from taking the assessment and being able to review the content.

If I experience any difficulties in understanding the content can I contact a tutor at the LMA for help?
No, all materials are available online. To the extent participants are struggling with concepts, they should advise their line managers and request further assistance from within their institution.

Other Queries

Do the e-learning courses carry a cost?
No, they are free for LMA members.

Can I start a course at a later date?
Yes, participants are free to register whenever they choose. However, once registered, participants have six months to complete any course they have signed up to.

Is there a timeframe for each module to be completed?
There is no set timeframe for completion of each individual module – the idea being for delegates to work at their own pace. However, delegates have six months, from the date of registration, to complete any course undertaken.

Is it mandatory to complete the entirety of a course?

Is this course registered for CPD?
As you may be aware, the rules regarding CPD changed on 1 November 2016, which lawyers themselves now able to self certify their CPD points. As such, the SRA no longer register courses for professional development training. To the extent you believe the e-learning modules are helping you to remain competent with your work, this should be sufficient for self certifying CPD points.
Should you require further information, the following website is of use: http://www.sra.org.uk/solicitors/cpd-accreditation...

Queries Specific to "Understanding the Loan Market"

Who is the course aimed at?
The e-learning course is aimed at those newcomers to the market – be it from a legal, financial or operations background.

I do not want to complete modules 1 and 2, can I skip straight to module 3 in a course?
No, modules are only 'unlocked' once all previous modules have been completed to improve the learning experience.
For example, in order to access module 3, both modules 1 and 2 must have been completed. We believe this is the best method to provide a programme of learning which is most beneficial for all participants.

I have recently changed institutions and would like to access my online certificate. However, I am locked out of the system. What should I do?
Unfortunately, the LMA does not store grades or certificates for previous users. Delegates will have six months, from the date of registration, to complete the course and print the certificate. After this time, your data will be removed from the e-learning system.Who are the course aimed at?

Is a certificate of completion available?

Yes, a certificate will be awarded following completion of all the modules. Individual certificates are not made available on completion of each module.