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LMA releases results of its 2022 Developing Markets Survey

27 April 2022

As part of the run up to our Developing Markets Conference being held today in London and online for all our members around the world, we surveyed our membership on the opportunities and challenges facing increasingly active developing market jurisdictions.

The survey covered questions pertinent to all developing market jurisdictions and then specific questions for Africa and MENA. The survey aimed to determine where the key investment opportunities and challenges lie, which sectors are most likely to drive future growth and which factors will be most important in developing the loan market within these jurisdictions.

The results, set out below, were collected anonymously and represent the personal views of individuals actively working in the loan market today.


Question 1:
What do you think will be the main challenge to growth in 2022 in developing market jurisdictions?


Question 2:
What do you think is the most important factor for growth in the syndicated loan market in developing markets in 2022 (excluding impact of Covid-19?)


Question 3:
What is the most important tool in mitigating risk for lenders in developing markets?


Question 4:
Which source of lending do you think will show the greatest growth in 2022?


Question 5:
Where is there potential for the greatest innovation in a developing markets context?


Question 6:
What do you see as the most significant barrier to ESG investment in developing markets?


Question 7:
What do you see as the primary responsibility of lenders in promoting ESG in developing markets?


Question 8:
What is the greatest internal challenge to growth in Africa?


Question 9:
Which of the following countries in Sub-Saharan Africa offer the most opportunities for syndicated lending in 2022?


Question 10:
Which area holds the best opportunities for lenders in MENA?