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LMA releases results of its Real Estate Finance Survey

09 May 2019

As part of the run up to the LMA's seventh real estate finance conference being held in London today, the LMA surveyed its membership on the opportunities and challenges facing real estate finance markets. The survey aimed to determine where the key investment opportunities and challenges lay in Europe, which sectors and asset classes were most likely to drive future growth and where future lending would most likely be sourced from.

The results, set out below, were collected anonymously and represent the personal views of professionals actively working in the real estate finance market in Europe.

Question 1: Where are we currently in the property cycle

Question 2: In which year do you believe the next property downturn will commence?

Question 3: Is the UK still a safe haven for real estate finance investment?

Question 4: In a post-Brexit environment, which European city offers the greatest potential for growth in commercial real estate, outside London?

Question 5: What do you think will be the greatest challenge for the European real estate market in 2019?

Question 6: Which regulatory issue do you believe will prove the biggest burden for European commercial real estate in 2019?

Question 7: Where will overseas real estate investments into Europe come from in 2019?

Question 8: Which is the hottest UK real estate finance sector?

Question 9: Which CEE country do you believe holds the greatest investment opportunity in 2019?

Question 10: Which lending "source" do you think will demonstrate the greatest growth in real estate lending in 2019?