LMA Virtual Events

Delivering education and training to our members during this difficult time

Virtual Events Schedule

During this current crisis, a key area where we are changing the way we deliver our services is, naturally, our events and training programme.

Below is a list of upcoming virtual events scheduled for May/June with many more in the pipeline. Our aim is to focus on those events which are of the most current interest.

Please note, you cannot register in advance for these events, as all of them will be released on demand when ready. If you want to make sure you are notified when an event is live, please login and check you are subscribed to "webinars" under your email preferences within your personal profile. Once webinars are live they will be listed under the webinar homepage.

Virtual Events Schedule

Already Released


Future Events


Week Commencing 25 May

Data – the missing piece?
Spotlight Interview

Week Commencing 1 June

REF Market Overview
Webinar - On Demand

Week Commencing 15 June

LMA Certificate Course
Webinar - On Demand