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We endeavour to keep our documentation under constant review to ensure that it continues to meet the aims and needs of the primary and secondary loan markets.

Our documentation is produced after extensive consultation with leading loan practitioners and law firms so as to represent an agreed common view of documentation structures. Standardisation of the "boiler plate" areas of the documents allows lenders and borrowers to focus on the more important commercial aspects of individual transactions.

We are widely regarded as the body that establishes guidelines for the EMEA syndicated loan market. These are, by their nature, wide-ranging and relate to both primary and secondary markets.


LMA publishes recommended form of extension option and users guide (21 May 2024)

On 21 May 2024, we are pleased to have published a form of drafting of an extension option for users of our recommended forms of facility agreements for investment grade transactions. 

The intention of the extension option is to provide a position that broadly reflects general market practice for an extension option in a syndicated facility to a corporate borrower with an investment grade credit rating. As with all our recommended form documents, it is recognised that the negotiated terms of individual extension options can vary widely and the extension option seeks to provide a sensible starting point only. The users guide sets out the basis on which the extension option is drafted, as well as highlighting in a non-exhaustive manner some of the negotiation points which may arise.

LMA publishes South African law JIBAR rate switch agreement to assist with market transition to ZARONIA (9 May 2024)

On 9 May 2024, we are pleased to have published further South African law documentation to assist the loan market in transitioning away from JIBAR to compounded ZARONIA. 

The Unsecured Single Currency Single Borrower Term and Revolving Facilities Agreement Incorporating Rate Switch Provisions (the “Exposure Draft SA Rate Switch Agreement”) provides for an in-built switch from JIBAR to a backward-looking compounded ZARONIA on the occurrence of specified trigger events. It includes mechanics and provisions for transition which are intended to mitigate the risk of a further amendment being required.

LMA publishes updated DAC6 guidance note (2 May 2024)

On 2 May 2024, we published our updated guidance note in relation to the Directive on Administrative Cooperation (commonly known as "DAC6"). This follows a consultation on 28 March 2023 whereby the rules implementing DAC6 in the UK were repealed and replaced with The International Tax Enforcement (Disclosable Arrangements) Regulations 2023 (the "Regulations").

The guidance note covers the applicability of both regimes.


LMA publishes Sustainability Coordinator Letter (24 April 2024)

We are delighted to announce the publication of the LMA’s Sustainability Coordinator Letter (the SC Letter).

The SC Letter is intended to provide a starting point for negotiation where a sustainability coordinator is to be appointed on a sustainable lending transaction. 

The SC Letter is aligned with the Draft Provisions for Sustainability-Linked Loans published on 4 May 2023.

Given that the sustainability coordinator role is continuing to develop, the SC Letter will be kept under review and updated periodically as required. 

LMA publishes guidance note on the Building Safety Act 2022 (18 April 2024)

The LMA is pleased to announce the publication of the LMA’s guidance note on the Building Safety Act.

The Building Safety Act 2022 (BSA), which came into force 1 April 2023, is primarily intended to improve the design, construction and management of higher-risk buildings in England and Wales in the wake of the Grenfell Tower fire in 2017. The BSA is the most wide-ranging and comprehensive legislative reform affecting the built environment in decades.

Our new guidance note includes a number of key points for consideration for bank and non-bank lenders, and their advisors, when using the LMA’s template real estate finance facility documentation in circumstances where the BSA may apply.


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