LMA.Automate FAQS

What is it?

  • LMA.Automate is a comprehensive and user-friendly document automation platform which will provide users with end-to-end functionality
  • Whilst the initial focus will be on automation of LMA template documents, it has the functionality to cater for the entire document drafting lifecycle
  • Such functionality includes an on-platform negotiation and execution tool
  • Given the nature of the platform, with 'structured data' underpinning the construction of all automated documents, there are also tools for data extraction, analytics and reporting

How does it work?

  • LMA.Automate will be a secure, cloud-based subscription service hosted by A&O and powered by Avvoka software
  • Subscribing organisations and their users will have their own secure area within the platform
  • Once registered and operating on the platform, users will have an intuitive environment within which to create documents, tailor bespoke 'in-house' options and manage document production

Where can I find out more?

  • Please refer to the LMA.Automate web pages in the first instance
  • Once your details have been registered and processed, a member of the LMA.Automate team will follow-up and provide further information in order to understand the nature of your interest and provide the opportunity for detailed questions

What will it cost?

  • LMA.Automate will be available via an annual subscription (payable quarterly) at a highly competitive rate; subscription levels will be based on banding entirely dependent on number of users

Is there an introductory period?

  • We will offer a limited three month 'free trial' period for early adopters at the time of launch of the platform